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Kidz radioActive!

We are talking radioActive in a good (and safe) way! There is no plutonium or nuclear meltdowns or walking dead! Instead, there is plenty of transmitting power and receiver sensitivity. We are radioActive as in HAM RADIO! Contacting the world, and beyond, using the magic of radio frequency waves! Check out the Live Demo. The first two-thirds of the video is a great explanation of amateur radio. Then return here and check out the Features menu!

kidzhamradio fundraiser

Help Kidz radioActive Help kidz!

We started a fundraising campaign to benefit school and educational projects that have the potential to pique children's interest in ham radio and technology and science.

Our Goal is to raise $1,000! Can you help us?

Click this link to make a donation! $5, $10, whatever you can give is appreciated. Coming projects to finance include assisting with a school ham radio station, electronics kits for kids to build and learn, high altitude ballooning with amateur radio package, and innovative twists on hidden transmitter games(fox hunts).


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Phone: 598-5397